Payment, Insurance and Finance Info

About Our Fees

Our fees are determined according to the costs of doing business locally, the level of experience, training and expertise of the doctor and supporting staff, technological investments in equipment and materials, the quality of in-office service and contracted laboratories, the time we devote to treatment planning, sterilization and cleanliness, implementation of treatment chairside and understanding our patients concerns as well as many other factors. We don’t play games with insurance companies or the public by having tiered fee schedules that are intentionally hyperinflated in order to offset contract fee discounts while putting upward pressure on insurance fee allowances. We also feel it is only fair to everyone that our fees are non negotiable to anyone.

Payment Options:

We, at Comprehensive Dentistry of Orange Beach, are confident that we can help you to realize the value of your investment in good dental health and beautiful teeth. Of course, some of the best investments can initially be uncomfortable financially. Our goal in making financial arrangements is to be upfront, clear and thorough so that there are no unexpected surprises later. We want you to know that whether you pay by cash, finance through our affiliate finance company, Care Credit, rely upon dental insurance, we are a member of Value Dental Plan (VDP), our in-house discount savings plan, we are equal opportunity care givers (we give you our best).

Fee for Service (Without Insurance) Patients:

Our responsibility to you is to perform a thorough dental examination, inform you of your dental condition and offer you the best dental care available today, with options. It is then up to you to make informed decisions concerning your dental health and any treatment recommendations. We are confident that you will trust us with your dental health! With this in mind, the office’s policy is that we collect the full fee for services rendered at each visit. We accept cash, checks, Master Card, Visa, and American Express for your convenience. If you have a dental treatment plan that requires multiple visits over a span of time, we offer a financial incentive for prepayment of the entire treatment plan fee. Unless special arrangements have been made, we are unable to set up payment plans directly with patients. However, we do offer Care Credit, interest-free financing, for patients who are looking into or needing payment plans.

Dental Insurance Benefits:

Please refer to “Understanding Dental Insurance and How It Works.” This information allows you to see that insurance can be VERY complex. We are happy to work with you (the beneficiary), your employer (if they purchased your policy for you) and your insurance company to get maximum benefit payment for you. We will estimate your insurance benefits and co-payment to the best of our ability but we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy 100% of the time nor even payment by your insurance company. Often, insurance companies will provide us with a breakdown of your benefits in a percentage of a "Usual and Customery" fee that the insurance company determined for that procedure. The problem is they will not divulge their UCR fee to out-of-network doctors so that we can in turn accurately quote the patient what they will actually pay. Instead we have to submit a "pre-determination" form which takes a month to respond with an estimate for which they don't guarantee coverage. This is why we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. You (the beneficiary) and your EBA (Employee Benefits Advisor) should become familiar with your policy so that if a question or dispute should arise over coverage, you both can discuss it with your insurance company. YOU ARE ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT TO US FOR OUR ENTIRE FEE. Our responsibility is to perform a thorough dental examination, inform you of your dental condition and offer you the best dental care available today, with options, regardless of what your insurance company will pay. It is then up to you to make informed decisions concerning your dental health and any treatment recommendations. With this in mind, our office’s policy for first time patients is that we collect our full fee for services rendered at that initial visit. This allows us to input your information and insurance plan into our computer system as well as retrieve your explanation of benefits from your insurance company. Once this has been entered into the computer, we can better assist you on future visits with collecting an estimated co-payment from you. Insurance 30 days upon receiving the insurance claims to reimburse the patient or the dentist. We do our best and strive to quickly submit your insurance claims to receive maximum reimbursements. However, we are unable to hold balances for more than 30 days. We can hold a credit card on file to charge any remaining balance that you may have after 30 days. If insurance pays us after 30 days, we will mail you a check for the amount of their late benefit payment.

Value Dental Plan:

Like dental insurance but much better, our in-house dental savings plan is the preferred dental plan over insurance for many of our patients. The reason is the savings and freedom the VDP provides. There area no annual maximums to stay within, no deductibles that have to be met, no waiting periods or pre-existing condition limitations. Best of all, our dental savings plan is effective immediately and available to individuals and families! VDP is a once a year individual membership fee, meaning there are no monthly premium payments. This allows your money to be applied to treatment rather than insurance payments. The savings in our in-house dental plan applies to most treatment options, including ones not often covered by traditional dental insurance, with dicounted fees and benefits. Please contact our office for more information one Value Dental Plan.

Care Credit Financing:

Care Credit is an option for patients wishing to open a line of credit and make payments. This is an interest-free line of credit (for the patient). We invite you to click on the link below to read more about this program and what it has to offer. Just like any program, it does require you to apply. You have the option to apply via phone, internet or even a mail in application (see our business administrator for a copy of this form). Here at Comprehensive Dentistry of Orange Beach, we work within the 6 month and 12 month, no interest payment plans.

Broken Appointment Policy:

We honor our patients’ concerns and time. That is why we don’t appoint multiple patients simultaneously with the doctor (except in rare critically urgent emergencies). So we strive to keep on time with your visit. We request that you reciprocate the courtesy by likewise keeping on time with your visits. Cancelling appointments without without adequate notice not only detracts from our schedule; it denies other patients in need of more timely care the opportunity to have used your appointment time for themselves, instead having to wait for days or weeks until their scheduled appointment. So, in order to offer more timely dental care for all of our patients, we require at least 48 hours notice of need to reschedule. We understand rare last-minute need to reschedule. However, if you exhibit a trend of late arrivals and broken appointments, we reserve the right to charge a broken appointment fee or require a down-payment upon scheduling (for more lengthy appointments) subject to forfeiture upon missing or giving late notice of cancellation of the appointment.