What is Comprehensive Dentistry?

It is a philosophy of dental practice which views the teeth, gums, jawbones and associated organs, blood vessels, nerves and other tissues as interrelated parts of an organized system, much like the nervous and circulatory systems, that intimately affects overall health. Consequently, treatment of any part of the “dental system” is directed toward re-establishing harmony with the entire system. This requires a commitment by the dentist to be proficient in all disciplines of dentistry; for “When you treat one part of the system, you are treating all parts together.” Comprehensive Dentistry of Orange Beach provides a wide range of dental services including dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) and other preventive dental care; periodontal (gum) therapy with chemotherapeutics; periodontal surgery including bone and gingival grafts and “smile lifts”; tooth fillings (both composite and amalgam if necessary); tooth colored bridges; root canal therapy; extractions including wisdom teeth; dental implants (surgery and restoration); partial and full dentures and overdentures; temporomandibular (TMJ) therapy; occlusal (bite) adjustment and full mouth restoration/rehabilitation (facially generated cosmetic dentistry); minor orthodontics; teeth whitening and porcelain veneers; snoring and sleep apnea appliance therapy. See Before and After photo cases through our Dental Services page.

Planning is essential to successful dental treatment, so we feel it is vitally important to follow the methodology of conducting an interview; performing a “comprehensive examination”, arriving at a diagnosis, designing a treatment plan, establishing a prognosis, consulting with the patient about the findings, recommended treatment and sequence, educating the patient about their dental health and making financial arrangements for payment of services proposed prior to rendering treatment. This way, everyone knows the situation from start to finish up front and unpleasant surprises are minimized.

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Purpose of this website:

We understand that choosing a dentist can be a difficult decision to make. We want you to get to know us from the comfort of your home and invite you to come in to meet us and receive a tour when you’re ready! If you’re looking for the cheapest dentist, we’re not the practice for you. We do not use cheaper products just because they are cheaper, we do not use products that save time just because they save time, we do not cut corners or delegate procedures to staff that should be performed by the dentist. We use researched and proven products and methodology. Because we do so, we are able to warranty our work. We have blankets and ear phones if you don’t have music on your phone. One of Dr. Dunavant’s collateral duties as a US Navy Dental Officer was “infection control officer.” He designed the protocol for infection control when stationed with 21st Dental Company, USMC and observes a higher standard than is required today. Dr. Dunavant developed a unique approach to smile design he termed “Facially Generated Cosmetic Dentistry” while practicing with world-renowned Plastic Surgeon Gaylon McCollough. This method goes way beyond the typical cosmetic dentistry approach in assuring the smile is complementary to the entire face.We hope you learn something here and ultimately feel comfortable enough to trust us with your dental care.

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Patient Testimonials:

Dr. Dunavant and his staff provide outstanding dental care.I have been his patient for over 15 years and hope to continue for the next 15.

—Kay J.

When I moved here 9 years ago I had need of a dentist. A friend recommended Dr. Dunavant. I have been a patient of his since then. I have had to have some extensive dental work done. I have been very pleased with his work and his professionalism. I am also very pleased with Tina who has cleaned my teeth and assisted Dr. Dunavant.

—Jo P.

Dear Dr. Dunavant and Staff, Thank you so much for working me into your busy schedule last week. I appreciate the time and effort you took to repair my teeth after my unfortunate accident with the boogie board. You did a beautiful job repairing my smile. My dentist here in Arkansas agreed about the great job you did. It would have been miserable to stay in the condo the rest of our vacation with broken teeth. I’m glad your generosity kept me going.

Sincere Thanks,

—Kara G.